Inspiring Learning Environments

Ararat Primary School 800 creates inspiring learning environments where the notion of choice is fostered and problem solving skills encouraged. Students can engage with their learning in the open spaces of the outdoor classroom or large circus hall; enjoy learning areas where they can work cooperatively in small groups, or select a cosy space to share a book with a friend.

Students are exposed to an engaging curriculum involving opportunities to explore, explain and elaborate on their learning. Programs rich in Literacy and Numeracy offer students the opportunity to work independently, in small groups and in whole class settings. Students engage in open-ended challenges, rich learning tasks, investigations and cooperative learning projects matched to their learning styles and needs. A wide variety of technology is available to support student learning.

Our Reggio Emilia inspired program has had a positive influence on our whole school approach to learning. We strive to create an environment that encourages students to be competent, resourceful, curious, imaginative, inventive and excellent communicators.